Brexit, Brexit, Wherfore Art Thou, Brexit…

So the mighty day of reckoning has finally arrived 2300 hours exactly on March 29th 2019, was the day that the United Kingdom exited the European Union. After over 40 years of active and senior membership today was the day that the divorce was formally due to take place. But, here in the early insomnia filled hours of the 30th of March, brexit has not happened, in truth it has been like watching a long, slow, uber, painful car crash. The United Kingdom has imploded upon itself, and failed miserably after two years of discussion, and consultation it has managed to agree nothing, and is in serious danger of leaving with No Deal.

None of this was predicted by anybody to my knowledge. A succession of bad decisions, bad campaigns, manipulation and deceit managed to convince enough people to vote for leave compared to those who did not. And two years on after the Maybot has managed to somehow agree a no deal that appeals to nobody, we find ourselves in the UK as jokers and fools. A once highly respected nation has succeeded in destroying itself, without any foreign interference, it is truly all our own work. We have succeeded where history historically had failed, and ended up lemming like jumping off a big cliff into the abyss of the unknown and the uncertain.

Nobody seems to have benefitted especially from Brexit, well except maybe mr Rees Mogg, with his 7 million quid, David Cameron busy writing his memories somewhere in France, while topping up the cash flow with celebrity guest appearances. Othes like Gove, Johnson, and Farage, all stand out as career lead politicians who placed ego and ambition well ahead of protecting the national good. Truly an appalling carry on with banners on buses pedalling simple lies and untruths to manipulate the nation, along with the Tory press.

Mr Angry from Tumbridge Wells was given his opportunity and by God, did he take it. I do respect the process of democracy of course it is right and proper to attempt to impose the will of the people but no one had a clue what that really meant or what the implications would actually be. Under the cold spotlight of detail and implied consequences it spewed up calamity after calamity. The Irish backstop, trade agreements, migration, I could go on, but will self destruct if I do. The reality is that the car crash week in week out grew bigger, with not one but three meaningful votes that became utterly unmeaningful. A dogs dinner of Herculean proportions, while the PM and Leader of the opposition continued to put party politics before the interest of the nation.

So, what then of the future, well best of luck with predicting that all that I know is that a nation of 60 million plus people would still appear to be lead by the votes of 15 million campred to just under 15 million who wanted to remain. At what stage does the will of the people dictate against common sense and madness. Well, for me my personal choice would be a second referendum and as the Clash famously said ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’. That would be my simple question, and my instinct tells me that the silent majority would vote to stay in the EU. But, I appreciate that this point of view will offend some but I make no apologies for my steadfast views, I genuinely believe we would be a better nation, and a stronger Europe with the UK playing as it always did a pivotal and respected role in the future of world events. Let us see what happens when the music stops.

Written by Austin Birks

March 29, 2019

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