The Fall And Fall Of The British Empire

One of the strange side effects of having insomnia is that you get to watch some really good quality news stories on the BBC news channel. In addition there are also some very good alternative news channels including Russia Today, and some other Middle Eastern channels. It is frankly depressing to observe just how the outside world actually views this once mighty and proud nation. Agreed that some channels might have a vested interest in doing down Britains interests, but it is still very hard to justify exactly what we have managed to achieve as a nation in the last three years.

To be perfectly honest I am still trying to work out and understand how we have got ourselves into a position where the unelected Prime Minister with a political party which has no real mandate. Has ended up suspending parliament with no mandate and has today told its own MP’s that if they do not support a no deal Brexit, then they will be unable to stand at future elections. I am just stunned just how swiftly this nation has descended into an almost totalitarian state with a Prime Minister who has gone from a one time supporter of remaining into a blind dive head first into a no deal Brexit. That in truth can only prove catastrophic to the economic stability of this nation of shopkeepers left without its biggest market to sell in. And forgive my cynicism but I have yet to be convinced that President Trump does not imbue me with confidence about offering to quote “an amazing trade deal”.

Mind you when I think back to 1981, when I was a fresh faced 21 year old who spent five months in the USA, at one point I ended up in hospital as I had a very large insect bite to my foot that blew up like a balloon. I went to hospital and before anything happened I had to hand over 200 dollars in cash, before they’re even looked at me. In utter contrast to my amazing treatment for stomach cancer with the wonderful NHS. Where my life saving treatment did not cost me a single penny. Not sure just how much a trade deal with the USA would allow a sell off but it would not surprise me.

So, it seems that BoJo has decreed that he does not want a general election but if he gets beaten by the parliamentarian alliance then an election might be on the cards before Halloween and the full Brexit. Personally I hope that he does as I honestly think that a new choice would see the majority choosing to remain in the EU, after this horrendous trail of confusion and the polarising of this once proud nation. Now reduced due to deceit and own goals of a spectacular magnitude, to the laughing stock of not only the EU, but sadly the whole world, hard to believe but there we are the facts don’t lie. I can only wonder what will happen next, God forbid with Boris Johnson in charge anything is possible.

Written by Austin Birks

August 30, 2019

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