Prime Minister Boris Johnson…..Words Fail Me

I used to rather enjoy watching Boris when he used to introduce certain satirical TV shows long before he was ever going to end up being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Shows like Have I got News For You, highlighted his apparent comic phrase and alleged quick wit, of course it was always carefully edited, as these shows always are. But, nothing at all in the clown like behaviour he so naturally displayed, ever lead me to believe, that he would translate his comic capability into the heady office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Those of you who have been kind enough to read my blogs since when I first started writing them way back in 2010 I think, (will no doubt be aware that nothing surprises me any more, or so I thought until Mr Johnson took office). What I do know is that over the years up and until now I have published 1,111 blogs. That is rather a lot I suppose and it has been a pleasure and a privilege doing so. However, like everything in life all things come to an end, and me writing these blogs seems to be nearing the end of the rainbow, and I suppose it is now simply a question of who will depart first. Me, as a regular blog writer for uTrack, or BoJo as the Prime Minister of this once great nation.

Over the last 48 hours politics in this great nation has been turned upside down, the Prime Minister has lost 2 vital votes and the rebel alliance as it is known has effectively ensured that the UK will not leave the EU on October 31st. When asked today in Wakefield if he would go back to the EU to request an extension he replied that he would rather end up dead in a ditch. In addition his younger brother Joe has resigned from the Government as he had to put the national interest before that of his political party, and his brother. Truth be told I have never witnessed such polarity in this nation. Fiona Bruce on Question Time struggled to keep order between the members of the panel, let alone the Westminster based audience.

In the meantime the Prime Minister desperately tries to call a General Election as quickly as possible, but Jeezer is having none of it just yet. In the meantime 27 Conservative MP’s have been sacked including Ken Clark, the Grandfather of the House, Sir Nicholas Soames grandson of Sir Winston Churchill himself, and closer to home the highly respected member for Stourbridge. Some call then traitors, others call them heroes for remaining true to their convictions, I have my own view on that but either way right now this nation is in a state of flux. The secular interests of the Tory party have over taken the national interests and the blind obedience to deliver Brexit at whatever cost. Have become too much for the parliamentarians who banded together to stop the Conservative party that seems to be a small club of Brexit driven career politicians. What was really telling was watching Mr Rees Mog, Leader of the House spread himself across the chairs of the hallowed halls of parliament in a posture of arrogance and smugness that has brought the Honourable Member for the 18th Century, universal scorn and derision for his contempt of the house and the dignity of parliament. Mind you he soon stopped smiling when he lost the vote, as did his other Brexit chums.

These are extraordinary days as the unelected Prime Minister continues his lemming like confused desire to drag the UK out of the EU on October 31. The man behind the scenes a certain Dominic Cummings, the architect of the Leave campaign and not even a member of the Conservative Party, is widely believed to have been responsible for the car crash that has been Boris Johnsons strategy since parliament returned on Monday. It is in all honesty hard to understand just how things ended up in such a shambles, but we are where we are. And maybe we might just end up in a situation where the people might get to vote on what to do. As the Clash famously said ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ time will tell but one thing is for sure no one would ever have thought we would end up in this appalling situation. Rule Britannia, and pass me the aspirin….


Written by Austin Birks

September 4, 2019

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