The Sad Demise Of Yourbus

It is always for me anyway, a sad day when a bus Company ceases trading, especially when you have been involved in some way with the actual Company itself. My association with Yourbus goes right back to 2009, when I was working at the Diamond Bus Company in Tividale, Birmingham. Those were heady, swashbuckling days where the Company under the youthful and on occasions genius leadership of its young Managing Director Scott Dunn. Had gone on to do some excellent things. This included the creation of the Black Diamond branded livery for services operating in the Black Country, and the Red Diamond network that operated in the shires covering Kidderminster and Redditch, and paying due homage to the former glorious mighty Midland Red Bus Company ‘The Friendly Red’ as they were once known.

Scott had the ability to make those who worked for him, believe that together we could achieve anything, and that was what we did. The Ray Stenning designed buses were truly a cut above anything else, leather seats, wi fi , wooden floors, the interior and the exterior were radical, stylish, and a class apart from dare I say it the tired livery of National Express West Midlands. And in fairness the passengers voted with their feet, and as I was to find out after I left Diamond, the Directors of NXWM, really did fear the emergence of the Diamond brand. The small but highly capable team under Scott felt empowered. Johnny Five, Steady Trevor, Angie B, Micky and Bob, amongst others were actively encouraged by Scott to challenge the status quo, so we did.

Ironically at around the same time Scott was also planning his next challenge, he had desires to set up a new rival bus Company closer to his Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire roots. Indeed he used to get up at 4am every day to drive to Birmingham every day from his home in the East Midlands. So it was that we slowly started to turn our attentions to designing the structure and shape of what was to become Yourbus. And so a few months later Yourbus came to be, and it had quite an impact on both Trentbarton and Nottingham City Transport, as you might expect, although it was widely recognised that these were arguably the top two bus Companies in the UK. Some several years later, after I had been with uTrack for a few years Scott invited me over to Heanor to visit his spanking new depot. It was as I expected a class act, it even had a flagpole, endemic of vision and ambition, and when I left I was inspired and impressed at what this man had achieved.

Scott later moved to Australia and started a new bus operation as well as buying a bus building Company. Being an engineer at heart this was right down his alley ( at the tender age of 19, he had designed an air conditioning unit for the coaches at Dunnline). He has made a success of his new venture which does not surprise me in the slightest. I do not know just how much he had to do with Yourbus, which I think had fallen within the Rotala umbrella. Either way it was a sad day when it was announced on October 4th, that Yourbus had ceased trading. The other Bus Companies rallied around the flag to help out passengers and offered them travel on their own vehicles, and the drivers were offered the chance to apply for new jobs. But sadly going under is sometimes the flip side of business, some ventures work, and some do not. One of the things that I admired about Scott was that he was prepared to take risks, in fact looking back if uTrack had not been given a chance by him to test the tracking on the 4 dedicated buses that operated the 178 tendered route between Redditch and Birmingham then maybe uTrack may have never taken off, and become the global Company that it is today. So, goodbye Yourbus and thank you Scott, he was always a man who showed wisdom well beyond his years.

Written by Austin Birks

October 9, 2019

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