And just like that, uTrack are now ISO 27001 compliant!

In the period of late November, uTrack began the task of becoming ISO 27001 compliant the result of which has now put us in a stronger position as a business.

Key benefits of obtaining ISO:

  1. It means that we are adhering to an Internationally recognised standard
  2. It is a useful and easy to use Information Security Management System
  3. The scope of the policy will cover all the data we create or process ourselves or for and on behalf of our clients
  4. It’s a continual improvement management system, so we will always be working on making it better
  5. The system is designed so that it has processes and procedures in place that make it easy to manage and maintain
  6. It will give us a wider pool of clients we can work with
  7. It will allow us to take on more contracts

As a business we were already adhering to most of the regulations in ISO 27001, however, gaining this certification not only makes the security already in place official but puts additional formal structures in place so that we can continue to improve the way we secure the data we handle.

We care a lot about data security, and we’d like to keep it that way. Gaining our ISO 27001 certification allows us to continue to make security a main priority for our business but also allows us to put security changes in place that keep up with the dangerous and ever-changing technological advancements of our world today.

ISO 27001 Certification uTrack
ISO 27001 Certification uTrack

Written by Andy Coulson

December 18, 2019

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