UK Coach Awards; Let Battle Comence….

As the old song says ‘I’m putting on my black shoes, and putting on my tails”. Well actually I am not, the good old days of dressing to impress a la Fred Astaire died with a different generation. Although part of me looks back with nostalgia at the good old days of dicky bow ties and fine tap dancing skills.

Now, to be fair if I am honest if anywhere in the United Kingdom is going to smile fondly on a bit of swanky dancing and cool threads then it will be the venue known as Viva Blackpool. There is clearly a resonance in the name of the club as it drips Las Vegas, in everything but name, and indeed the after party was true to its roots with the full Monty of dancing troops, big Vegas numbers and a fair sprinkling of cabaret to entertain the masses, and to be fair, they did.

However, going back to the business end of the evening, the night is a celebration of the very best people, processes, and Companies of the UK Coach industry. The night is very well organised, well attended with over 600 people in attendance a glittering and worthy celebration of this vital but often over looked Industry. Also I have to admit that the judging is thorough, fair, and engaged as the experienced judging panels meet and evaluate to identify the best of the best. To be frank, it does get intense, opinions and occasionally lively ( a polite word for intense argument). How do I know because I am one of them.

The evening will be hosted by the hugely popular BBC weather girl, Carol Kirkward, she really came to her public prominence when she appeared on the ever popular Strictly Come Dancing. To be fair, she did really well and even though she was not crowned the winner, but she did her best and endeared herself to a whole new audience. She is always, enthusiastic, funny, and professional, and hopefully it will be a great event, well supported with an engaged and busy audience, who will enjoy it for the celebration that it is.

I wll of course report back on the evening itself, and as ever I remain 100% committed to the cause of promoting and celebrating this great Industry. Watch this space.

Written by Austin Birks

April 29, 2019

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