Stand Up To Cancer With Stand Up Comedy!

Well that is it, there is no going back now, the die is cast, even if I wanted to back out, it is too late. I am committed to it, and frankly that is fine. I am actually looking forward to that five minutes when on Sunday July 7th I stand on the stage at the iconic Glee comedy club, in the heart of Birmingham city centre, and attempt to make several hundred people laugh.

Good news is that I will not be doing this by myself there are some thirty five brave souls who have signed up and registered to have a go. We all have our unique motives and reasons, and we will get proper help and support, as have to attend weekly meetings where we will be given advice and help from a real comedian who has over 1,000 gigs under his belt. We will write our own material and be guided in the skills of delivery, timing, and confidence. To be honest for me it is a chance to raise money for Cancer Research UK, as we are all tasked with setting up a Just Giving page, and then seek to get family, friends, and anyone we can persuade to chip in, and achieve our own targets.

In my case I have opted to try and raise five hundred pounds, in addition I am also seeking to get as many family and friends to spend twenty quid to buy a ticket and share the experience. Talking of which the very idea of making people laugh is an interesting challenge. After all as they say one mans meat is another mans poison. What I might find funny others may not, therefore one of the benefits of the weekly meetings, will be to meet the other guys who are having a go. To get the professional help that no doubt we all need, and also the chance for us all to share this unique experience, will no doubt forge new friendships and indelible memories.

I have no doubt that the most challenging part of the entire event will be those few minutes that tick by so slowly, before it is lights, camera, action. And then of course that is it, you are well and truly on your own, with nothing else other than your material and the effort and home work that will hopefully make people laugh. Worst case scenario, it does not quite go as you hoped, but what the hell, most people watching will hopefully be under the influence and wont remember anyway, Win or lose, laugh or not, some good old fashioned hard earned cash will be invested in combatting cancer. Which is of course not a laughing matter, or is it? Watch this space I will keep you posted on how the training goes, as the clock ticks down with 7 weeks and 6 days to go.

Written by Austin Birks

May 13, 2019

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