More Things In Heaven And Earth Horatio…

I have always been, if the truth be told a bit of a cynical old Hector, as the classic seventies kids show used to proclaim. Now I do not know about you my dear reader chum but I have to confess that I have never been as far as I am aware someone who has ever experienced the world of the Occult. Yes, I must confess when I was about 12 or so I went through a period when I read a few books by Dennis Wheatley who was an Occult writer of high repute. Of course coming from a Catholic family this did not go down well, but it was just a good read as far as I was concerned and frankly a spot of nonsense. Interestingly his best works were made into classic horror films by the iconic Hammer house of horror, here Christopher Lee, and the other very thin bloke would recreate The Devil Rides Out, and To The Devil A Daughter and certain other films, involvingSatan and all that malarkey.

Now, you might well ask the question why exactly am I blogging about all this stuff and bluster and what on earth has it got to do with buses and coaches or technology. Well actually it has nothing at all to do with it at all if the truth be told. The only reason that I mention it is because of a rather strange experience that I had in a hotel recently in Saint Albans. I have stayed in this particular place a few times and it has an interesting history. It was built by local successful resident Mr Sam Ryder, who sponsored the Ryder Cup, very famous in the golfing world I understand. Indeed there is a rather wonderful and ornate fireplace in the restaurant that bears his initials.

So, clearly there is some history within these walls, the train of events is as follows, as per usual I had enjoyed a most productive and beneficial business meeting with my dear chum Andy Samu. We had enjoyed a convivial lunch with one or two modest foaming tankards as we prepared the next strategy for Verita HR Polska. I retired to my very comfortable bed chamber and nodded off. I awoke to what I can only describe as a strange noise. It was very odd and sounded like something groaning quite loudly. Now, don’t get me wrong dear reader chum, I have spent too much of my life staying in hotels around the world, and it would be fair to say that I believe that I know the difference between people moaning in adjacent rooms for reasons of carnal pleasure (had more than my fair share of that nonsense and a damn nuisance it is too) thank you very much, and the very strange growling noise that was keeping me awake. It sounded frankly like a large mutt howling around in a thunderstorm Baskerville style, within the confines of my hotel room, it was very strange. Funny thing was that when I put the lights on it stopped. Absolute radio silence, not a sausage ( just as well that the monster mutt was not in residence at the mention of sausage).

Funny thing was that I did not feel any fear or apprehension at all, frankly I was well naffed off as a cancer person who has insomnia that something had woken me up. Odd thing is that when I have watched those TV shows where teams of ghost hunters examine haunted homes etc, they all get very scared but you never see anything other than Orbs, and as for the ghostly tech recordings that seem to interpret comments and statements I never cease to be amazed at the banal comments that the decreased have managed to convey, after years of being trapped in purgatory. I think if it was me I would be tempted to ask something profound like what year is it? Or, any chance of a cup of tea? Maybe it is just me, but I don’t get it, I suspect I am one of those insensitive souls who just would not see anything even if it was all kicking off all around me. But, as they say, there are indeed more things on Heaven and Earth, and all that.

Written by Austin Birks

September 30, 2019

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