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Life Is A Rollercoaster, Just Got To Ride It…

To recall the classic pop dittie from the hero that is Ronan Keeting, one time frontman of manufactured boy band Boyzone, yes the five piece were assembled Lego style by Louise Walsh, long term judge on Simon Cowell’s X Factor,( whatever happened to that I ask myself?). I was for reasons not fully understood, pondering on this particular song, as I waited patiently last week at my local surgery where I was waiting to enjoy blood test number three of the week. It is quite odd just how relaxed that you can become about having blood tests. Of course the justification is easy, it all helps to keep you alive and in my case kicking, Shotokan Karate style in the dojo twice a week.

So, I sat waiting in the doctors waiting room for the nurse to call me in, strap the tight band around my arm and deliver the immortal line, ‘Slight Scratch’, and bosh a few seconds later and it is all over. Three syringes full of my finest claret, as the Cockneys call blood, and the deed is done and I am back in the world of everyday life. Indeed, my next port of call was to drive to downtown Digbeth in Brum’s City centre to attend a uTrack social event. After finding car parking in a car park that sported a rather splendid mural of the lead characters from Peaky Blinders, lead of course by the legend that is Tommy Shelby who is casually shouldering a shotgun. Have to say the mural fits very well into the graffiti/ Banksy adorned streets around Digbeth, indeed the car park was literally next door to the Ghetto golf where the UK uTrack team were about to take part in an 18 rounds of indoor crazy golf. I have not played crazy golf for years but I have to admit that it was enormous fun, a very imaginative course and as a team building and fun exercise it was super entertaining. I would happily recommend this venue, as I would our next port of call which was the fabulous Digbeth Dining Club, this is an interesting collective of some 15 great varieties of street food, which circle several club like caverns each with their own DJ’s and separate genres of music ( Motown, Northern Soul, Club, House etc), indeed something for everyone you might say, and probably more importantly it was a great chance for the team to mix socially and get to know each other better. It is after all a young and fast maturing business and the better the relationships as I always say, the better the business.

So, one thing that I have learned since becoming ill is that you need to live for the moment, life is indeed a rollercoaster and you do indeed need to ride it. In fact the thing is life is short and needs to be lived to the full, when I reflect back on my life and times there are very few things that I regret, I took risks and challenges, and most of them worked out ok. Even those that did not work out were not bad experiences, as you live and learn as they say. And there is absolutely no point in wasting time, effort, and energy, on looking back, an utter waste of time, when you can do more productive things with your time. There is a very famous expression that resonates a lot with me these days and it is ‘Time waits for no man” and indeed it does not, the trick is to live every day to the full and not to say no, unless your instinct says no, then politely decline. And do something that you would like to do. Here ended the lesson.

Written by Austin Birks

November 8, 2019

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