There is absolutely no doubt about it but the electric bus is now very much a real and tangible feature of the UK Bus landscape. It is bizarrely ironic that having visited Nottingham City Transport just a week today where the first thing that I saw were the rails that were laid for what were once trams and then became electric trolley buses back in 1927, so in reality having advocated electric trolley buses that were actually very much in fashion almost 100 years ago ( in fact Nottingham had the biggest fleet of electrictrolley buses outside of London with 106 vehicles).

so, as we often witness history yet again teaches us that there are always lessons from the past that are often beacons for the future. Trends and fashions are sometimes dcerred by public opinion and sometimes by necessity. Just look at the huge changes towards diesel vehicles, where only 15 years ago the world and his wife were being encouraged to go diesel, rather than unleaded. And now guess what diesel is now demonised by all as the purveyor of poison air and early death for too many.

and there we are slap bang in 2018 where the trade press are proclaiming the headline that my dear chums at Metroline are about to take delivery of 68 vehicles in total for two contracts that they have won fro TFL.This will be the largest fleet of double deck electric buses in Europe. The news was announced by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan at a National air quality summit.

This is without doubt a big step forward and although Metroline are leading the charge, hat is emerging is a total reform in the Bus industries approach towards embracing electric buses. The context of the air quality summit saw the leaders of the following areas meet to share and discuss best practise across the following regions with leaders from Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Greater Manchester, Leeds,Leicester,Liverpool , London, Newcastle, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton and West Midlands. So a pretty chunky part of the UK to be fair. The present fleet of buses can operate 170 miles per complete charge


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