It  is always really good to see a class act when it comes to good old fashioned bus and coach quality, and it comes as no surprise to me to observe that my old chum and marketing genius Alex Hornby the young CEO of Transdev Blazefield has certainly been doing just that by the bucket loads since he joined the business a couple of years ago.

To be fait Alex has always shown a flair for innovation and very strong high quality market driven branding, something that some might argue has been lacking in the bus industry with the large-scale domination of corporate liveries as personified by most of the big groups where uniformity has been mostly the order of the day. Although in fairness Go Ahead have been the exception not only retaining individual Company identity but indeed often encouraging it.

Alex in fairness cut his teeth on the South Coast and soon started to stand out, however his real apprenticeship came when he moved to the pioneers of strong branding and snappy liveries at Trent Barton. It was here that under the apprenticeship of the governor himself Ian Morgan and the boss of Trent Barton the enigmatic Jeff Counsall that Alex began to show his flair. The combination of these winning people saw Trent Barton launch some Ray Stenning inspired great local brands which really resonated with the communities that they serve.

So the question asked was could Alex take that inspiration and take it the next level, and the answer clearly was yes he could as was rightly recognised by his success at the recent UK Bus awards. And I have the feeling that this is just the beginning I will watch this space with interest going forward