Well, another year has flown past and here we are more than halfway into it. It has been a strange one to be quite honest we have seen the rise of Donald Trump, the election of a brand new French President and party. The serious escalation of tension in the Pacific rim with the nuclear weapon testing in North Korea, adding more stress to an already stressful world.

Domestically we had the election that was never needed that delivered a nightmare result for Mrs May leaving the Labour party better positioned than at any time since Mr Blair was in power. The fake news issue has raised it’s head and interestingly we watched the rise of social media influence a whole new younger generation who clearly resonated with the policies of Mr Corbyn by scrapping tuition fees and feeding kids at school.

However, what we have also seen is the deadline for the entries to this years UK Bus awards 2017. I shall be looking forward as I do every year to attend the judging panel in London where we will meet to debate and consider who are the worthy winners. I have to say it is a tough and on occasions a challenging process. But, I have to say so it should be these are important awards as they truly do showcase the very best of the best, and we need to get it right, and in my view 99.9% of the time we do.

Central London will yet again be the venue for this prestigious event and last years numbers broke records with something like 750 people attending. I was delighted to have won a prize in the draw which was a 7 course Tapas meal with cocktails at a well known swanky London restaurant, what was even more ironic is that I had to borrow £20.00 of my mate who I invited to put into the envelope that was then chosen at random.

These awards are now in their 22nd year and I was fortunate to attend the first ever that was held in the Mansion House in central London, my entry that year got no where, so I dusted myself down and kept entering and guess what eventually it paid off and we won it. And the feeling when you hear your name called out as the envelope is opened is absolutely brilliant. It validates all the hard work ,effort, and stress that life chucks at you. So, my advise is if you are engaged in amy way shape or form with the UK Bus industry put yourself an application together. After all what have you got to lose, absolutely nothing, but everything to gain.