Transport Companies

Using the latest technology uTrack provides a revolutionary software platform for Transport Companies to grow ridership and run a more efficient business. Every stop on every journey is monitored and scored using the uTrack Engine, which generates predicted arrival times for any location or service.



 Benefits to Transport Companies


While the uTrack Engine is at the core of our services, we offer a lot more than just real-time data. Our Dashboard software helps staff deal with issues and reduces the negative impact of those issues on Passengers.

Hosted in the Cloud, the uTrack system is extremely scalable because, unlike the limitations of Client/Server approaches of the past, our system grows on a demand basis.
Managing access is easy thanks to role-based permissions, and, because every component is API-driven, the platform can work with any existing system that follows open standards (and even some that don’t – with some custom APIs). The APIs allow for two-way communication across your entire infrastructure and can be opened to third-party systems.



Public Transport is more than just operational, so we’re working hard to build the tools that are going to create awareness of your services. We design some of the most modern tools available in the industry, which fuse style and functionality to provide a better experience for staff and passengers alike.



Some Benefits Include:



Passenger Growth

Waiting at a stop has to be one of the most frustrating experiences, wondering if you just missed a service or how long will the next one will take to arrive. Read More


Improved Timetables/Schedules

By using our technology Transport Companies will see near-immediate improvements to schedule adherence as the accountability of all parties increases. Read More


Better Customer Service

uTrack provides Passengers with service-status information so that notifications about delays on particular routes or revised travelling times are available to Passengers on any of the services operated by your company. Read More



Higher Standard of Drivers

Transport Companies can improve the standard of drivers by using the ‘uTrackScore’ metric to monitor their punctuality on services. Read More



Customer Profiling & Insight

By using information on App usage, uTrack provides a unique identifier on which to build more detailed profiles of Customers. Building these profiles can vastly increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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