Bob Dillon famously sang about the winds of change sweeping though America in the mid sixties, and his lyrics have been used in popular protest movements in every decade since. And I am happy to shamelessly nick it for the purpose of blogging, although the reality is that I am not going to wax lyrical about protests concerning the Vietnam war, in truth only people of a certain age probably remember the war in the first place. Let us face it we have had plenty of others in the meantime.

So, what is this all about I hear you ask? Well  it is all about the changing face of the Traffic Commissioners, it has taken quite some time and it has been a steady and meticulous process of reform lead by the mighty Mrs Beverley Bell the senior Traffic Commissioner. Any regular reader will know full well that I am a self proclaimed fan of Beverley I think that she has done a great job over the years and she is also a very affable and funny lady.

How ever  first and foremost she is there to uphold the law of the land and she does that firmly and fairly. She quite rightly upholds best practise where she finds it, and she also along with fellow Traffic Commissioners punishes those who do not operate a good service and who operate poor services that force the public to complain.

However one area that has as of now been of the radar to the TC`s is the speed of response, it is time to modernise the TC`s for today`s modern world and needs and in fairness she is quite right when she says that the speed of administering registrations needs to be a lot swifter. In additions a range of other reforms are also being introduced and that can only be a good thing.

Beverley has announced her intention to retire in 2017,but she can take I believe great comfort from knowing thay while she was in charge, she did a great job and left her positive footprint on the life and times of the UK Bus industry. Good job, well done.