I did not know that much about Tesla`s until recently. I had been for a test drive in one last year and was amazed by several things, first the silence it is as they say deafening (It just felt odd not having any noise from something moving so fast). The second thing was the acceleration this beast went like you know what off a shovel. There was also a third thing that struck me was the enormous size of the consul which is basically like having a large mac screen in front of you.

The model that I played with was model S, the next model I played with went up to a new high in technology, the model X is simply awesome, now I am not one of those Top Gear nuts(.I once got free tickets to Top Gear live at Earls Court it was horrendous, Clarkson used the most vile language to an audience of mostly children, shame really as I used to enjoy his articles in the Sunday Times) No, to be honest that whole car stuff bores me rigid.But this technology is just surreal.

The truth is that Tesla and Mr Musk, the man behind it have to all sense and purpose built a car that will park itself, will also come running when you call it not unlike a dog when whistled. It will also drive itself on both motorways and urban streets. In truth you do not have to do anything really. But, and this is the big question, just how safe is the technology and can it be trusted more than we humans.

The facts tell us that the technology is super safer than people, maybe because the Tesla does not drive when drunk, on drugs, or simply tired from being up all night playing Call Of Duty. No, it is in fairness anti stupid unlike our good selves.I was doing some research recently into the sad death of an American chap who got killed while watching a Harry Potter film as his car smashed into a huge truck that the technology in the bright sunshine thought was the skyline.

Interestingly while Tesla always promote the importance of being aware of your surroundings and for drivers to keep alert at all times, they have also been encouraging drivers to post videos of them using the autopilot. One chap shows his car driving through busy traffic while he was asleep. Another bloke enjoyed playing air guitar with his free hands to Billy Idol songs. You cannot make it up really and yet again fact out trumps fiction.

So, what of the future, the other car manufacturers are already there and Volvo claim that by 2020 they can eliminate road death through advanced technology, which would be brilliant. But what of public transport does it have a future, well not according to a Transport Minister from Australia who has predicted the death of public transport. Well I can only hope that he is not right, after all what would people like me have to blog about.Answers on a post card please, but just make sure that you are not reading with the auto pilot on…