Like everyone else in the world, well the vast majority anyway. I was appalled to watch the events unfurl in central London last week when one man alone went on a suicide mission within the shadows of the Houses of Parliament for no apparent reason. And who simply killed a collection of random people without any semblance of care as to what they had done, or who they were.

Death was utterly unjust for any of the victims who came from across the world and simply found themselves to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in an area I know myself and have visited on numerous occasions. The last time being on February 8th when I attended the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre built next to the House. It makes you think a bit about the injustice of terrorism because that is just what it is.

What I also found disconcerting was driving home from the office the next day to see an army of TV cameras assembled on the Hagley Road in Birmingham’s this was  where this lunatic once lived. Indeed the flurry of arrests in and around Birmingham brought undue attention on the place I chose to call home. This media attention perverts the reality of multi cultural life that has been here for decades, and I am proud to have watched it flourish.

This nation has been built upon immigrants coming into the UK and being accepted and adding to the quality of life. I am personally proud of the work that we did back in the days when I worked for First UK bus and helped bring in several thousand Polish people to fill jobs that we in the UK could not. History shows that actually acts of terror no matter how barbaric never work, and if they think that they will work in this nation then they are deluding themselves.