From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow, or so they say and it is often the case in business and especially in the minefield that is delivering quality training packages. Naturally in times of recession and austerity the first item that gets taken straight off the bottom line is training and staff development. Looking back it is actually a mistake as training and development is a core component in retaining people in an organisation. And at the end of the day a business is only as good as the people who work there, and once you start getting a churn of people it becomes increasingly harder to both attract and retain good people.

With this in mind I have to say a massive well done to two fine chaps, whom I have known for a long time. Step forwards Mr Adrian Grant FCILT, and Mr Andrew Guest FCILT, both from the hugely respected TAS Partnership, based in deepest Preston, up north. This worthy Company have been at the cutting edge of this market for well over 25 years. They have worked with everyone and have built a deserved reputation as a Company who know what they are doing. They were originally lead by the exceptionally talented Peter Huntley who was sadly taken from this world far too soon.

Peter was a visionary and had real foresight not only with the industry but socially as well he did many great things and setting up TAS along with Adrian and Chris and a few others have had a huge and positive impact across the Industry. They were the leading lights behind the UK Bus Awards as well as the very high calibre of consultancy that have offered not only the bus and coach industry but also to many of the UK’s Local Authorities.

I will not attempt to list the achievements over the years but they are remarkable, in addition due to the enviable experience and industry knowledge of Chris Cheek and others they have passed learned and sage commentary on the state of the UK Bus and rail industry over the course of many years through both the good times and the bad. And their lucid observations and even more inciseful predictions and trends have been spookily accurate as history can prove.

However, it is the hard work that has been ongoing now for over four years where they have created some truly excellent training packages in collaboration with CILT and the Bus and Coach Forum in particular to offer something long since absent namely quality training to the bus and coach industry. After a slow take up I am delighted to report that they have now really made a massive difference and are training a lot of good people and this is well overdue for many reasons. So hats off to Adrain and especially Andrew who did the real hard craft in creating a really excellent 4 day residential supervisors course..

In addition they have also created equally excellent Diploma’s for Managers and soon to be released Directors, all of which can only be a force for good for not just the Industry but more importantly the millions of passengers that we serve day in day out. So well done the TAS Partnership for a truly fanTAStic contribution to the UK transport industry. Ooh see what I did there ….good points in Scrabble for that.