What is uTrack?



uTrack is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider helping Passenger Transport Industry operate a more reliable, efficient and profitable business.

At the core is the uTrack Software Engine™ which produces a Live and Historical data feed used to power the suite of uTrack Solutions. Each solution has the flexibility to be tailored to the needs of the uTrack Client and follows open & industry standards. Our aim is to leverage existing investments in hardware & software systems first for faster and lower cost deployments.


uTrack Dashboard

Dashboard Software

Built in a modular structure this web-based system is scalable and customized around the needs of each unique user. Role based permissions are just the start of it’s flexibility… Read More


Bus Service Reports 

Advanced Reporting

Providing detailed Excel, PDF and a Reporting module in the uTrack Dashboard Software, there are multiple mechanisms to extract the necessary data to identify problems.  Read More 


uTrack Website Widgets

Website Apps

Website Apps (or Web Apps) are software tools that sit inside your website that can do lots of clever things to help your customers from displaying real-time information… Read More


Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools

Analytics & Business Intelligence

uTrack completely understand the significant and huge business benefits that can be obtained by utilizing analytics and intelligent business systems. Read More


Enterprise & Consumer Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Passengers is one of the most exciting and potentially game changing opportunities for transport companies to grow their revenue opportunities. Read More