I had the rare experience recently of having a Saturday night to myself for various reasons, and it allowed me to venture into that stable diet of the Great British public which is of course staying in and watching the telly. Normally we never bother with usual channels and go onto Netflix or some other malarkey that involves a kody stick, whatever that is.

So, I had a welcome return after many years to sit and watch the box and see what the British public like to watch on the day before the Sabbath. When I was a kid growing up Saturday night TV was a family ritual that enjoyed us all enjoying a collective meal usually a Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney pie (where if I had been good I was allowed to lick the tray that once contained said steak and kidney pie) mash peas and carrots.

We would all then gather round the telly and enjoy the likes of Morecambe and Wise, the Generation Game, Dixon of Dock Green, etc all good quality entertainment that back in the day drew in millions of people. You also need to bear in mind that you only had a choice of 4 channels to choose from so  choice was limited. Looking back these were happy days indeed and we shared common time, lots of laughing, and all in all a nice family time.

It is a very different world today as I watched athletic members of the public endure the rigours of Ninja Warrior, all good harmless stuff where people fall off steep things and land in water, a well-tried and tested formulae. A lot of singing competitions are also popular the Voice and some Take That show thing for young men who want to be in a musical about being in Take That would you believe.

As I started to nod off I had a bit of a Damascus moment where I just thought to myself, is this it.? As I thought about it earlier on at about 5 o’clock I drove past a large rather well to do elderly people`s home where as I drove past I could see all the residents sat herded around a huge telly looking forward to a night of compulsory consensual TV. I mean what happens if you want to watch something else, do you have to go to a separate room. Indeed are you allowed for your £900.00 per week the joy of independent watching. All I can say is that if I am paying £900 a week I sincerely hope that it includes a good healthy does of morphine preferably delivered at about 6 30pm so I can hallucinate my way through the nonsense and drivel that passes for mass entertainment.