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Passengers are critical to the success of any public transport system, but there is often a conflicting relationship between the other two stakeholders. Transport Companies try to operate a commercially viable route and Local Authorities try to ensure the best possible level of service, with the Passenger somewhere in between.

The rapid changes in Mobile and Web Technology enable a better experience of public transport for Passengers. The days of using information screens at bus stops are over as Passengers move to the more effective alternatives presented by mobile apps and website widgets.


Better transport information in the hands of Passengers

Some Benefits Include:



More On-Time Services

Passengers can experience more on-time services as uTrack provides the Transport Company with accountability and near-immediate improvement to schedule adherence.  Read More 



Less Waiting

Waiting at a bus stop is a frustrating experience for Passengers – wondering if you just missed a service, and how long will the next one will take to arrive. Using our technology Transport Companies can reduce waiting times and thereby increase customer satisfaction. Read More



Real-Time Service Status

uTrack provides Passengers with service-status information on any of the services operated by their transport provider. Important information like delays on particular routes, revised travelling times, and much more can now be made available before they start their journey. Read More



Smarter Traveling

By combining accurate real-time service information with an easy-to-use journey planner uTrack allows Passengers to make informed decisions on the most efficient ways to travel. Read More



More Sustainability

uTrack helps Passengers make sustainable decisions about how they choose to travel. Encouraging the use of Bus services reduces congestion and the environmental impact on Passengers surroundings. Read More


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