Irrespective of how individuals voted back in June last year, the fact remains that the nation voted and Mrs  May has already triggered Article 50 and the clock is now firmly ticking. So, what does that really mean to those of us who work in the transportation industry in the UK?.

Well fortnunetly the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport have been busy making sure that they have obtained a place at the table with both the Government and the Department of Transport. The reason why is because the Institute were straight off the blocks post the yes result and having offered sound advice they have been rewarded by being included in discussions.

This is extremley important for very many reasons. The reality is that decisions need to be made swiftly, and some of the ramifications will be significant. The reality is that European legislation has affected the transport industries for decades. The option exists to instigate a root and branch review of all the regulatory processes that presently govern our industries.

For example is it time to have a good hard look at drivers hours, are the present requirements fit for purpose in 2017?. As technologies also rapidly change the way that we function do we need to review just what we do and how we do it. Is this an oppourtunity or is it a risk.

One thing is for sure if we do not swiftly consider these crucial options then it wont take long before we get left behind and we may not be able to influence the regulations governing our own industries. Be they bus and coach or logistics and freight. Whatever our personal profession this is a unique and defining moment in our industries lifetime. These decisions are vital and i would urge members to ensure that they make their views heard.

In conclusion I have to say hats off to Kevin Richardson and the senior team at CILT for ensuring that we are sat with a very important place at the Brexit table.