So here we all are 100 plus days and a bit on from the inauguration of President Donald Trump, and what a whole new world it is now compared to how it was in the good old days of Barack, call me Dave, and George and Nick. If you can still remember who they are of course.

In some ways it reminds me of a recent Ed Sheeran song called Castle on the Hill, where the chorus gives us a quick update about where all his old mates have ended up. One moved down to the coast one is on his second marriage , one lives alone even though he has got two kids. So hopefully you get my drift.

So it is with Barack who just seemed to disappear Dave charged huge amounts for public speaking events, and George became the Editor of the Evening Standard newspaper in London while also being an MP and a champion of the Northern powerhouse.

But what does all this have to do with President Trump, well nothing really other than it just illustrates the transient nature of politics and power. I have to say that from the outside looking in the President has signed lots of things some bad some even worse. He has also deployed huge military resources to the North Korean peninsula where I have been concerned that nuclear weapons may be deployed at any moment. He has also detonated one of the biggest bombs ever in Afghanistan and has bombed Syria to stop Syria bombing  Syria.

His domestic policies have been overturned lock stock and barrel from banning Muslims to scrapping Obamas health care and all in all it does not appear to have gone according to plan. But, I do not live there and cannot really know just what is going on, however, I do have a very well informed mole on the ground who has promised to keep us updated as events unfurl.

No, it is not easy to predict anything any more the old order has gone and been replaced with Brexit, snap elections, President Trump and now thank the Lord the French have elected President Macron rather than Mrs LePen with her politics of fear and division. Thank heavens for that maybe a change in fortune awaits us all with a return to sanity, frankly it is well overdue.