Social media is a strange and wonderful thing, it allows for the very best and worst of the human condition is available for view. Personally I try to control the amount of time that I spend searching its nonsense on Facebook, snapshot, or what ever they are called this week. Facebook clearly leads the way in utter gibberish from all sorts of people about anything and everything.

However, some are better and a bit more grown up than others. I talk of LinkedIn where serious business people have the chance to meet, talk, post, and comment. The benefit is the networking that membership allows, as it happens a couple of weeks ago I had an invitation from someone who at first glance I thought was someone I did not know and would normally have just ignored it.

A second look however revealed something that immediately caught my attention and that was that the lady in question was someone from my past, an old girlfriend in fact from my teenage years. Our paths had not crossed for almost 40 years and suddenly there she was right before me, with a different name and different life. So it was that we started to communicate and before long we were chatting and reminiscing and very much fun it was too.

So, for what it is worth maybe dear reader chum you might want to look up those who you left behind on life strange and wonderful journey, after all what have you got to lose. Mind you caution should of course be exercised as you do not want to come over as some sort of stalker, if people chose not to respond then that privacy needs to be expected.

But as my dear old mum says, if you do not ask you do not get, so what have you got to lose? Nothing at all after all life is too short.