Well four days and 1,000 kilometres later my adventure across Poland has drawn to an end as I find myself in the rather luxurious offices of Verita HR eleven floors up amongst the impressive skyline of the city of Warsaw, in the heart of Poland.

It has been a great few days where myself and my two amigos Andy and Adam have been able to sit down and map out the future of the Company, that today employs over 50 staff, between our offices in Warsaw and Krakow. I have watched this business come a long way in the last 6 years or so that I have been lucky enough to be involved with it.

In some ways the Company reflects the vastly changing face of Poland ¬†where it celebrates both the best and dare I say it the worst of Poland’s transformation since its accession to the EU back in 2004. The positive is for me the very growing confidence of a generation who are discovering their ability in the world. And how good they actually are.

For generations the Poles have been pushed to the back of the queue by different world orders, but not anymore those shackles have been thrown off and now they can fly and they are starting to do just that. As I drove through town after town what struck me was the affluence most homes were really smart, cared for and well kept. It was refreshing to note and it left me feeling that this nation is now on the up and quite frankly it is about time too.