There is no doubt that the brutal murder of a 39 year old man, Arkadiusz Jozwik, in a fast food take away restaurant in Harlow has sent shock waves not only throughout the local community  but across the United Kingdom as a whole. It was reported by some of the media as a hate crime, but this has yet to be proved by the Police. As it stands 5 fifteen year old boys and one sixteen year old have been arrested and are subject to an ongoing investigation.

This has led to a media frenzy on the increase of racism in the UK following Brexit. The increase of reported racist abuse across pockets of the UK has been widely reported and evidence has surfaced of racist and abusive behaviour with groups of white youths verbally assaulting people from outside the UK.

In many cases it is the usual media suspects like the Mail on Sunday and the Express who peddle their usual nonsense to a small percentage of middle-aged white people who usually live outside of the major conurbations and in truth really have little to do with people outside of their own communities. They are of course the same people who will catch a bus driven by Pavel to attend a nice cafe where the smiling Goshia will serve them their English tea.

That is of course before they call the Polish plumber so as you can tell, the reality of the situation is that this very well liked and quiet unassuming man was in the wrong place at the wrong time, when this group of youths attacked him and another man from Poland who was left with head and stomach injuries. It is a very sad and utterly unnecessary waste of a life.

What the national media also reported however as a result of this tragedy was the coming together of the local community as well as outpourings of support for the Polish communities across the UK, as well as concern and support from people in Poland themselves. Sadly people in the UK have a habit of forgetting that Poles have been living in the UK for hundreds of years and the bond has in my experience always been very strong.

I would like my Polish friends to know that the bond is as strong as ever, this tragedy if anything in my view has only made that bond stronger and if this pointless loss of life may have made us all realise that unity is the only way to go. And if it is proved that this murder was a hate crime then I sincerely hope that the Police and the courts will send a very strong message out to that tiny minority that behave and think the way that they do, that this will not be tolerated in a nation where tolerance and unity have been the cornerstone of this nation.

And to be perfectly honest since Brexit now that the dust has settled nothing at all has changed in this country from what I have seen and heard, so if you are from Poland or indeed the EU, you are as welcome as ever the doors are still open there are jobs and lives to be shared as part of this community and nation.