I was fortunate enough to meet all sorts of interesting people on my recent road trip to Poland. As ever I was delighted to meet with members of staff at VeritaHR in both our very nice and swanky offices in both Warsaw and Krakow. Indeed it was my first time at the new office in Krakow and I have to say that it was really well located, and inside it was impressive and professional, like the team who work there.

Mind you with such high profile customers  from the Banking and IT sectors, it is very important to create the right image and impression. These clients often send employees and they themselves like that the Company has its own offices for interviews and meetings so we have to look and act the part which we do. The reality is that these high brand Companies expect these high standards and Verita and HRO have done just that over the last few years.

Where Vereita have done so well over the years has been in the ability to work with customers effectivley and that is down to good staff training and excellent employees. In addition the success of the payroll team under the super leadership of Adam Supernak, has been outstanding. As ever good Companies need great management teams and luckily Verita have it in abundance, as all members of the Verita Strategy Team are exceptional

The art of any good business is to keep ahead of the competition and try and recognise the next big thing. Verita has always lived by this principal. In all fairness Verita  has been dabbling in the new digital world of Disruption banking and the new world of Cybersecurity that can seriously affect the world of Banks and Fintech startUps.

Some of the guys who I met in Poland were at the real cutting edge of this fascinating world. One such chap was Grant Blaisdell co-founder of Coinfirm, these boys really do know their stuff and it was intriguing talking to them and understanding the scope of this brave new world. They all shared similar qualities though, passion and enthusiasm, and they are all very very smart. In addition  in their office they had a brilliant poster of David Bowie in his Aladin Sane persona, who back in the day was as innovative and visionary as these boys and girls. Oh yes and they have an office dog who answers to the name of Tesla, who just like the car will come to you when called.

Grant is an interesting man, a fusion of laid back West coast American with a healthy dollop of proud Polish heritage and a strong charismatic and engaging personality in his own right. He has taken the world of digital start up by storm. And he is not on his own, his CEO at Coinfirm Pawel Kuskowski was interviewed this week by none other than Forbes where he was talking about Blockchain. Trust me this is the new garlic bread, forget your Ubers and the AirBnb’s this is where the future is at.

Tomorrow our own Company Verita are hosting a really great event  in one of the newest and most iconic buildings that ever graced the Warsaw skyline. Where some of the best speakers are gathering to map out what, where, and how, this future will look like. It is really exciting stuff and has the capability to radically change the way the world financial markets operate. And lets face it that is well and truly overdue.