The importance of Passenger Rights and having a voice cannot be under estimated and it is therefore crucial that an independent arbitrator is on hand to defend and represent the customer when it deemed appropriate to do so.

The team at Passenger Focus have done an excellent job in being that stand alone defender of the ordinary passenger. They have done excellent work in my view in investigating issues that matter to passengers and making sure that Companies and people are accountable. But they do much more than that they are in direct contact with all the key players within the UK transport sector who also partly fund them. They also undertake significant surveys with passengers to really get a current health check on what is good and what is not so good about the UK travel markets both bus, coach and rail and now even road.

One of the key things about PF is the calibre of the people that they have working for them, for although they are a relatively small team their outcomes are significant and they have earned the respect of the key decision makers in the industry. One of theri key roles is yes tom police the standards of good practise but equally important is the fact that they are also very much champions of the cause when it comes to cheer leading the good things that the UK transport suppliers supply to their customers.

An excellent example of this is celebrating the exceptionally high Passenger satisfaction results that the bus industry achieves as a result of very positive passenger surveys across the length and breadth of the UK. In all fairness the general average is much higher than many other sectors, and PT are persisant in ensuring that this positive news is broadcast to what is generally a very unengaged media. Sadly stories about public transport tend to be mostly negative and it is vitally important that the very good messages are trumpeted to outweigh the negative images and stories especially in the national press.

So, fair play to Anthony Smith and the guys they are doing a great job and for me it is vital that the industry support and respect them be the message mostly really positive but occasionally negative but that is ok they are the truly honest brokers.