Are you a glass half full or glass half empty sort of a person? It is interesting really what it is in life that makes one person an optimist and another person a pessimist. I have to confess that I was born an optimist and have not found any good reason to change my ways. In fact as I get older I get more optimistic in life than ever. Except of course when it comes to the England football team , but at least I am old enough to remember 1966 and all that.

No, if the truth be told I would not want to live in a world where you would only see doom and gloom rather than sunshine and light. Life is too small for all that and you end up wishing your life away. I would always prefer to find a positive outcome where one can. Not always possible as I am discovering with things like illness, but you have to make the best of it as well as you can.

Interestingly on the half full half empty debate I just read a statement from a chap I used to work for called John Gunn, a nice enough chap John is the chairman of the Rotala group who I used to work for back in the day when I worked at the Diamond Bus Company in Birmingham. John was commenting on what great prospects he thought would be emerging as a result of the recent legislation about franchising.

It is wildly different to the big groups who see the issue as a threat and his point is that they are a threat and are well placed geographically to take advantage in both Manchester and the South West, where local opinion wants to go down the franchise route.

So we will see what happens when the winds of change come finally to fruition, will the likes of Rotalla step up and deliver or will the big boys be too tough a nut to crack. Time will as ever tell but either way as far as I am concerned my pint either way will always be half full and never half empty.