Hard to believe that it is four years since the amazing London Olympics as it came to be known, I was in London on the day that the games began and all the church bells started ringing in unison across the City at exactly 0900, and it was a fantastic day that lead to a brilliant games. To be honest I was not exactly sure ahead of all the uncertainty about Rio being ready, but in fairness the opening ceremony was simply excellent.

I was watching the various sports and on occasions Herculean competitions that took place on a one to one basis, hard to think that after four years of utter dedication you get one chance at the shot, each and you either win or you lose. That is basically it there are no second chances in these games, if you get through great, but if not off you go, lick the wounds, and go and have a consolation lemonade while crying gently as you reflect on the sacrifice that has been ended before you start.

What I always like is the amazing under dog stories that always emerge, I watched a girl yesterday from Brazil who beat the Mongolian world champion in the Olympic final against all the odds. To be honest she only did one thing and that was enough, the champ tried absolutely everything, but to no avail. The reason that the local girl from Rio actually won was because both she and the crowd wanted it more collectively than the girl who probably deserved it, but did not make it.

Begs the question I suppose just how much does desire and focus matter between those who win and those who come second. What is it that makes that split second life changing moment between glory and disaster.Talking of disaster I felt very sorry for the poor lad from team GB who as world champion was expected to win the team a bronze medal in a desperately close scrap between Russia, China and Japan. All he needed to do was complete his  well practised routine and history would do the rest. Sadly he simply seemed to fall off his horse.

Utter tragedy for all concerned, mind you apparently he did win strictly come dancing I`m reliably informed so after a good ten years of fantastic service to his country, hopefully Ashley will overcome the bitter disappointment and move on.This is after all the nature of both victory and defeat and true champions can cope with both equally.

So, after only two days great adventures and performances are emerging, as are equally scandals such as one gymnast from the Netherlands and having qualified for the next round celebrated by getting horribly drunk and being sent home. As ever heroes and villains, some might say like the bus and coach industry. But, I possibly could not hazard a guess as to who would be who.!