Well that is it, I frankly give up people. I thought that we Brits had successfully managed to mess things up with the calamity of Brexit. But,no our dear friends across the pond have really gone and done it.I stayed up until 4 am this morning to watch the impossible happen. As state by state like some giant ship slowly sinking into the sea, the American states voted Donald in and Hilary out.

To be honest I truly thought that this day would never come this man has successfully managed to insult all sorts of people but irrespective of that millions of the invisible lost voters who he claimed as his own, have not only voted him as President but given his party free rein to implement God knows what they are going to do.

The first promise was of course the building of a wall with their next door neighbours, Mexico which apparently the Mexicans will be paying for, not to mention the waves of uncertainty that have rippled around the world. Ironically it is the Russians who seem most pleased that Donald Trump will be the new Commander-in-Chief with his finger on the button. Maybe they like what they see as a strong leader, history shows that they admire strength as witnessed with Thatcher and Reagan back in the eighties. But Donald is no Thatcher or Reagan, the trouble is no one knows what sort of leader he is going to be as he has never been in public office in his entire life.

As for me I never cease to be amazed by the sheer ability of mankind to make such decisions. However, the simple truth is that history has shown that people will choose to believe what they want to hear.You only need to think back to the litany of promises that were broken by the leave campaign people the day after they won a referendum that they never thought that they would win.

Maybe the Chinese were right when they said that after congratulating Donald Trump they went on to say that having watched the appalling antics of the Presidential election it was clear  that democracy was an absurd  shambolic farce and that clearly communism was the only answer. Time I dusted off my little red book comrade…Honestly,you cannot make it up, but it is frankly very worrying.