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EasyJest; Clowns For An Airline

I have always been a keen observer on the human condition in all its glory, mostly people behave pretty well, in any given circumstance. However just occasionally I have watched people behave in a way that does not make mankind look good. One such experience befell me...

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Greece: A Tragedy and A Triumph

I have never been to Greece before, so when I landed on a very warm and sunny Sunday morning, to enjoy a rare beast, a holiday in the sun (homage of course here to the Sex Pistols immortal ditty from the late seventies), I was both curious and excited to be visiting a...

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Route One Awards 2018; Get Entering!

"I am polishing my black tie, and putting on my tails ", so Fred Astaire famously sang in the movie called Putting On The Ritz, which was massive back when I was a youngster. Nowadays the majority of people on planet earth have probably never heard of Fred, although...

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Fine Food And Getting Tangoed.

i am not one of those sorts of people who you could describe as a "Foodie", whatever one of those is. Indeed in the recent bad weather care of the beast from the east, and storm Emma, I ended up watching Masterchef for two hours. To be fair it was impressive watching...

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Rage Against The Machine…Well Motorist!

The reality is that if you are operating a bus service in 2018 you have  to factor in the simple fact that at peak times in most urban areas then you are going to expect delays due to congestion. To be perfectly honest as a modern day commuter I can safely say that I...

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