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Manchester Bombing What Has It Achieved?

Like every reasonable and decent person I was appalled and mortified at the savage bombing of the weak, young, and vulnerable at a pop concert held in central Manchester this week. It is genuinly very hard to understand the logic of a young man of 22 years old with...

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National Express, Things Are Going Well!

The latest figures released from National Express show an increasing level of improvement across the board. In the UK both the Coach division and the Bus division are showing encouraging growth. A good example is the increase in patronage of 4% over the Easter period...

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Happy Birthday From Social Media

I had a birthday very recently, it was a good day and in many ways reflected just how different life is from today since the year that I was born in 1066. Oh yes the Bayeux tapestry has certainly come on a long way since then dear reader. For example there was a time...

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Bank Holidays Happy Days Indeed!

I do not know about you but I always find that bank holidays are a strange fusion of time. It is like suddenly you find yourself with a spare day and the question is what are you going to do with it. There seems to be some unofficial law that states that because it is...

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Well Done DeCourcey Travel An Industry First With The Queens Award For Enterprise.

Picture the scene it is a rather cold and drab Monday morning after a particularly good and relaxing weekend. There I am getting ready for another happy day at the coal face when from right out of the blue I receive an email from a very good friend of mine who runs an...

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European Transport Forum 2017, Picking Up The Pace!

The highly respected European transport Forum has been promoting the newly revised agenda along with I have to say a very impressive growing delegate list of some serious European A listers as I believe Hello magazine calls people. Not that I read Hello or come to...

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