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The Big Bus Bash in Burnley

One of the great joys about using social media is the fact that good news can be shared any where and at any time. A good example of this was the Big Bus bash that took place in Burnley, where my good chum Alex Hornby posted some great images of the launch of 30 brand...

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Terrorism And The UK Bus and Coach Industry

There is a saying is there not about "Mans inhumanity to Man". That extraordinary madness that allows people to make a deliberate decision to kill either random strangers or indeed very specific people for what ever reason. I have witnessed myself arguably one of the...

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Why Clean Air?

I was hosting a meeting recently in Nottingham, one of the subjects that got raised was the issue of clean air and some recent reports that have been published that prove that a growing number of people in the UK are dying of illnesses directly related to worsening...

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Pub Quiz Time….

I remember when I was a student going to a student union organised pub quiz, the idea was that each team had to dress up in fancy dress. We decided that for a laugh we would create ourselves Thunderbirds suits (hats, sash utility belts etc) We then organised that just...

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The UK Bus Awards Have You Entered Yet?

Well, another year has flown past and here we are more than halfway into it. It has been a strange one to be quite honest we have seen the rise of Donald Trump, the election of a brand new French President and party. The serious escalation of tension in the Pacific...

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Steve Whiteway: Great Job All Round

Within the UK Bus and Coach industry the name Epsom Coaches is widely known and very much respected for its long and noble history. It is one of those what i like to call family style businesses that have been looking after generations of their local communities for...

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What a Great Send Off

I attended a funeral on Monday that whilst a sad occasion was an extremely uplifting one. Funerals are at the end of the day a celebration of a life lived and a chance to bring closure with the final goodbyes being made and the body being either buried or cremated....

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