The latest figures released from National Express show an increasing level of improvement across the board. In the UK both the Coach division and the Bus division are showing encouraging growth. A good example is the increase in patronage of 4% over the Easter period reflecting a respectable overall revenue improvement of 2.7%.

The coach division also benefitted from the installation of a real time revenue management system, offering behind the scenes improvements. In addition the recent implementation of a seat based infotainment system is yet another very positive passenger friendly initiative. I travelled on an NXCoach and i have to say that observing the high numbers of users it has gone down very well.

To be fair the utter turn around of National Express that I have observed since 2009 when I first began working with them is incredible. They are an excellent organisation and in fairness that has partly been as a result of Dean Finch taking over the organisation when he did. Before that it had sadly descended into a shambles. The rail franchise had been taken away from them, then the Coach business lost £8 million straight off the bottom line due to the scrapping of concessionary fares.

Yes there is no doubt that the business has come a long way, as has the bus division. There is without doubt a massive improvement in the quality of the vehicles and the marketing and branding have transformed the weary and tired fleet. In addition fares reductions have recently improved passenger loadings and they have more plans for the same.

So well done Dean Finch, Tom Stables, Kevin Gale, Peter Coates and Paul Thomas. Credit where it is due , and there is more to come i think.