I went to a really good technology Forum recently it was organised by National Express Coach Company who are in my view the market leaders when it comes to delivering cross-country coach networks across the length and breadth of the still for now United Kingdom.

When I started working with National Express on August 8th 2009 when I met someone who I knew who worked there and we went for a cheeky beer or two while I explained why I had resigned form my job  with the Diamond Bus Company to join a new Irish based Company called uTrack.

It is hard to recall just what National Express was like back in the day, any communication with the driver could only be achieved by calling a mobile phone which meant assuming the following, first there was a signal, second the number was right, third the driver was able or inspired to answer the darned thing in the first place.

So, fast forward to June 2016 and the rather excellent facilities of Scania`s training school in leafy Loughborough. The day was scheduled in such a way that contracted operators of National Express were invited to attend a range of presentations from technology Companies who serve the National Express network and some 600 plus vehicles.

The calibre and quality of the presentations was quite simply really good. National Express have been very selective and indeed intelligent in their choice of supplier and product and in my view can be said to be market leading. From my perspective the presentation from Eamonn Hughes the MD from uTrack was excellent, the effect of cloud based technology across all elements of the business has become significant as have the other technologies that partner with National Express.

So I take my hat off to the team at National Express it has been a real transformation and they deliver an excellent quality safe service at very good value for money.