National Express Apps Growing In Strength

The technical team at uTrack software solutions have been busy recently quietly but effectively churning out new technologies that are changing the face of public transport. The flagship for uTrack is of course National Express Coach Company which today is unrecognisable from a few short years ago. The launch of the first App seems like a long time ago in fact it was only 18 months.

As always it started slow but it did not stay slow for long, in fact the iphone App which was launched in September which is only ten months ago has already received in excess of 144,000 downloads and we expect it to be above 250,000 thats over a quarter of a million people using the technology and making the coach so much easier to use.

The Android App which was launched nearly 4 weeks ago and there are already 10,000 downloads and we are aiming for more than 100,000 users by the end of 2014.

As of now an incredible 1.5 million have used Coach Tracker in the last 12 months the breakdown is very interesting with 66% using a mobile device so either a Smartphone or a Tablet. Further analysis reveals some very interesting facts. Apple devise usage was the highest at 52%, followed very closely by Android at 44% so they clearly dominate the market by a huge margin.

Windows, Blackberry etc combine to provide the remaining 4% which is indicative of the huge gap between the two giants and the rest I would not have thought that it would have been such a huge gap but we have the facts quite literally at our finger tips.

However, the really interesting fact that is emerging is that while all mobile usage is growing by a staggering 30% every 6 months. The clear winner however is Android usage which is growing twice as fast as as iPhone usage. We therefore predict that by early 2015 it should be the single most popular platform for National Express Coach Tracker.

Watch this space for more updates…