Well I most certainly did not see that one coming. My watch informed me a few moments ago that the Prime Minister has decided to call a snap election for June 8th only a few short weeks away. In between narrowly avoiding world war 3 this Easter weekend as China, the USA and the nut job kid in North Korea conspired to plunge the world into the abyss with nuclear warfare high on the agenda. The last thing that I expected was a surprise General election.

It will be fascinating to see what happens next as the vibrations of Brexit start to reverberate, it will be hard to predict what the results will be. Will the Conservatives have enough of a majority to retain control. Or will the Labour party finally implode under the invisible leadership of Mr Corbyn, as the electorate finally decide to throw him and his mates under the bus once and for all.

Or will the Liberal Democrats pick up where they left off under Nick Clegg and emerge as the centre party of choice. Possibly on the back of the 48% of people who voted to stay in the EU. Now that the white noise of UKIP has ended and they lose credibility month by month will the Lib Dems fill the void and put the UK back to a referendum.

All intriguing stuff as the new world order changes dramatically and menacingly with president Trump already taking military action as and where he sees fit. A newly confident and aggresive Russia becoming ever more bold militarily and changes across Europe with the far right gaining more ground. It is not at all easy to predict just what will happen. Clearly Mrs May and her team will be aware that the Labour party have probably not been so weak with the electorate for many years it is understandable that the Tories will punt for a quick win.

One thing that I am sure of is that no one can really predict anything any more the new world order is one of uncertainty and surprise. What ever happened to the good old days of Oback Obama and Mr Miliband, Cameron, and Osbourne. All long since gone, let us hope however that common sense will once again prevail. But at least we can trust the great British public to do the right thing and vote with the best interests of the nation at heart. As ever I will watch this space with interest.