Well the dust is starting to settle on what has been one of the most interesting elections for a long time. I do not think those short eight weeks ago when Mrs Theresa May the Prime Minister announced completly out of the blue that she was going to call a snap general election that she would find herself in a position where the Conservative Government would find itself post ballot with a hung parliament,

The press are calling it the biggest political mistake in modern times. She took a gamble  and it failed in spectacular fashion, the previously considered unelectable Jeremy Corbyn ran a principled and gracious campaign where he took all the abuse and the hits that the Tory press had to throw at him without once retaliating back. He worked hard and his rallies were large and his supporters hugely loyal, where as poor old Mrs May attended painfully scripted meetings with mostly Tory people, she seemed either unable or unwilling to meet the real public.

She also refused to engage in the now expected leaders debate and she sold herself badly to the British public. Strong and stable was exposed as weak and wobbly and the general public started to change its mind about her qualities as a leader. Her 9 U- turns  since becoming PM have certainly not helped her when it comes to reassuring the public that the nation is in strong hands also added to the cause. And then there were the controversial policies like the Dementia tax, the scrapping free school meals for primary school children did not appeal to the voting public. Also sadly her decision when she was Home Secretary to get rid of 20,000 Police officers at a time of terror attacks in mainland UK in London then Manchester and then London again within three months did not help at all.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand just stuck to his policy guns and took all criticism on the chin he refuted his ties with the IRA and other terror organisations, he refused to budge on the issue of shoot to kill, Trident, and use of the nuclear deterrent irrespective of how many time he was pressed. He stuck to the same views that he has held for all of his political life. Not that I share his views on such issues because i do not, but I respect his principled consistency.

So as the dust settles and Mrs May asks the Queen to let her form the next Government the world of politics is even more confused than it has ever been. And with BREXIT talks now 10 days away God knows what will happen next. The lunatics have taken over the asylum and sadly I fear Britain will be the loser.