So now that the great countdown has begun with the Brexit clock now really ticking we move onto the next phase which is what exactly I ask myself. I increased my blood pressure last night by watching a TV programme called Question Time, It has a panel of 5 people usually politicans   authors, journalist, occasionaly a right on comedian. And of course members of the great British public.

I have been watching it for most of my adult life and I recall watching it when I was in my early twenties, back then it was introduced by a man called Robin Day, he was pretty hard core and would give people a hard time if he felt justified. He was eventually given a knighthood for services to general rudeness and flamboyant bow tie wearing and well deserved it was too. He became what they now call a modern national treasure. Anyway as ever I digress. When I used to watch it I could not really understand why my dear old dad would get so wound up.

Now of course I am at an age where shouting at stupid people on the telly is very much in my DNA, I have a friend of mine who is a solicitor he retells a story of a lawyer who he knew who had a sign on his desk that said “Do not let stupid people reduce you to their level because they will “always win as they have more experience”.In fairness as I morph into my dad and shout at people who cannot hear a word that I say because it makes me feel better maybe I have slid into the stupid abyss myself.

Anyway the reason why I get so mad is because I can not for the life of me think what benefits the UK is going to get for effectively leaving big school and gone home to educate and play by itself. Do the good folk of the EU not feel let down and betrayed by the actions of 52%. It is human nature to not do favors to people whoi let you down, disappoint or even worse betray you.

Taklking to my Polish friends about what they think of Brexit they are shocked that the Brits pullled the trigger,my concern is not for me and my generation of baby boomers but for young people like my daughter and her generation. We have deprived them of options and chances we were blessed to enjoy. I am off now tolie down in a darkened room before I watch the Jeremy Kyle show and prepare for a cardiac arrest. Adios Amigos… that a wall I see before me?