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Local Authorities

For Local Authorities the recent recession has taken a hefty toll, with cuts across the board, and public transport has not been immune from the axe. The social and political pressure to sustain bus services, especially off-peak, has created significant challenges.


Reduced budgets have resulted in enlightened Authorities employing the benefits of technology to track the previously unknown quality of service. uTrack have delivered immense savings on several pilots schemes that have proved invaluable by reducing idling times, improving timetables and even reducing costs by saving vehicles.



Some Benefits Include:


Access great Tools

At uTrack we follow open standards and encourage integration with some of the leading solutions for Marketing, Customer Service and Business Intelligence used by Fortune 500 Companies. Read More



Better Control of Data

By providing a complete API stack for accessing your data, it’s never been easier to share your information internally, and with third parties (when required) for use with Mobile Apps, Websites and Stop/Station Displays. Read More



Form Strong Partnerships

Solutions for AVL/RTPI (Real-Time Passenger Information) have traditionally been localised and funded in large part by Local Authorities. However, Transport Companies are now seeing the real benefits of using uTrack as an alternative those out-dated solutions. Read More



Increase Network Usage

Satisfied customers are repeat customers and, in some cases, the best advocates for increasing network usage, so getting your Transport Network running smoothly can vastly increase ridership.  Read More



Data Accuracy

uTrack delivers full coverage of all services at every stop in real-time, which provides infinitely better information than a sample from inspectors with clipboards ever could. Read More



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