Myself along with the rest of the world have watched with a growing sense of trepidation, just what exactly has been going on across the pond since the man that is Donald Trump was formally sworn in as the President of the United States of America.

To be honest sometimes I wake up and have to double take that both President Trump is really the man in charge of the free world. Or have i just woken up from a coma and in that time the world order has been turned upside down with Brexit, Trumpton, Isis, Syria, etc.

But, reality is as ever stranger than fiction. However luckily for me I have a mole who lives in the heart of middle America and she has kindly been giving me her learned views on what she has observed. I now want to share them with you. Her view as a British person who has lived out there for a good few years, is I believe both fresh and interesting.

These are her thoughts:… DT is not a statesman, or interested in the rule of law or in the political western style democracy as a way of governing. He is a businessman and by job description a Real-estate developer. Folks need to get used to that, as he is not going to change. What the public saw on the Apprentice TV show is what DT is all about.

An interesting aspect though, is that Mr T is a man of the ages- his ideas of monetary policy for today are firmly rooted in the 1980’s (like his hair, style of suits, etc).His personal style is very much Louise 14th (think Versailles): and his way of behaving in the White House appears to be styled on the court of the Tudors under Henry 8th ( think Wolf Hall), lots of courtiers hanging around not doing a lot. This was also the observation of the editors from the Economist who interviewed him last week for a major article on “Trumponomics”.

The whole extended family using politics for better business deals, is getting even more closer scrutiny and outrage as the reign (King/Emperor) continues and we are only 4 months into the potential 4 years.

Americans at large are not interested in French politics, but the centre/liberal media comment that I listen to, was relieved for the Macrons result and also the recent regional win by Merkel’s party in Germany. What is troubling these “Thinker’s”, (those few interested in  what goes on in  the world) is what is happening in countries with ex-Soviet ties like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc. Where there appears to be a return to the old ways and becoming  more cozy with Mother Russia, by those in power, if not the population at large.

The shadow of Putin looms large (if also ridiculed) here and the inquiry into the Trump administration and the “Russians” is not going away yet. The 2 faced approach to Chinese politics also remains current.

Mr T is the gift that keeps giving , in terms of headlines and outrage. No Hollywood script writer could ever have dreamt this up, and apparently the Trump Whitehouse staff is going to be exercised and shaken up in the the very near future…..perhaps he can get it right 2nd time around?

Best Wishes from across the Pond

The Mole.