The conference held at AA Drive tech was without doubt a considerable success with some great feedback from delegates already being received.I do not know about you but I like to come away from these events with some good outcomes and a feeling that my day has been positive and productive this has not always been the case I have to admit.

However when I got home I genuinely felt  that my time had been well spent I listened to thought-provoking presentations and I really met some great people from a range of backgrounds and organisations.What I did enjoy was the fact that the four breakout session meant that delegates really got engaged and as a result some really good stuff was recorded. The tough bit is now that we have all this great data we need to funnel it into digestible bite size chunks that we can then use to spread the good news out to the wider world.

The purpose of all this effort is to help save lives and keep vulnerable people safe, and it is worth remembering that at some point we all become vulnerable, either as we get older or we choose to wear head phones when we are travelling and therefore reduce our ability to keep ourselves safe.

If this conference can implement any successful changes of business practice that can help stop one person being injured or worse than it has been a worthwhile exercise.What is especially good with this Forum is the seniority and ability of the people that we have been able to join and as a result the excellent bonding that has followed as a result.

So,if anyone asks me about why I am a member of CILT I have multiple answers for them and this is just one of many.