I do not know about you  but when I was a child there used to be a TV show called the Double Deckers it was a rather wacky show that featured a group of London kids who basically were in a sort of gang (not the same as todays London gangs of course in so much as they do not carry knives nor do they stab each other en-masse outside London tube stations).Or at least if they did I must have missed those episodes.

No the most stress they got was when they got chased by a park keeper, which used to be quite common back then. Nowadays in this post Austerity world such creatures as Park keepers have long since been made exstinct, not unlike the Dodo, in fact come to think of it so have most parks. It was a world of sweetness and innocence and the show always finished with some sort of moral victory where the greatly sterotyped child actors would burst into song and that would be the end of that.

Looking back they only actually made 17 episodes that were shown between 1970 1971 i thought for some reason that they actually made a lot more. The gang consisted of 7 young people including Brains (the genius inventor), Billie (the Tom boy girl), Sticks (the American drummer),Scooper (the leader), Spring (the black guy who actually went on in later life to become the lead singer of well known reggae band Aswad). Tiger who was a very young girl who had a pet toy Tiger also called unsurprisingly Tiger, and last but not least Doughnut ( An over weight obese lad who was both a bit thick and constantly eating). The ringmaster was Uncle Albert as he was known or Mervyn Hayes a well respected actor back in the day.

Ironically the reason why they were called the Double Deckers was because the gang used to hang out in a disused former London double decker bus. The show also had some very catchy little pop ditties that annoyingly used to stick in your head for ages. Anyway this is of course only one definition of double decker there are of course the very famous chocolate bars that used to exist with the same name. Happy days and clearly nostalgia is not what it used to be.