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uTrack Dashboard

The Dashboard is a web-based software system with modules that contain tools designed for the different roles that exist within a transport company – from Planning, Operations, and Customer Service to Marketing and Sales.

Some Key Features Include:


Live View

Live View allows operations staff to monitor all services and their punctuality status. Services can be automatically grouped according their status so controllers know where to focus their efforts when adjusting services in real-time. 



Report View

Using a combination of configurable metrics – ranging from stop performance (arrival/departure/missed) to distance and duration – and some proprietary uTrack settings, every journey, service and driver is ranked using the “uTrack Score” algorithm. 



History View

Using the History View module Customer Service agents can quickly deal with complaints relating to a service as punctuality information from every stop on every service is available. Additional information such as driver details, vehicle temperature, and more can also be provided, depending on the setup. 



Unique Logins

Every user has a unique uTrack Dashboard account tied to their role and access permissions. It is also tied to the uTrack Help Desk so support requests are associated on a user basis.



API’s for Integration

The uTrack Dashboard has been designed to integrate with third-party systems such as CRM, Customer Service tools, etc.


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