When I was a kid growing up in the sixties and early seventies there used to be a Saturday night TV Police show called Dixon Of Dock Green. It was about an ordinary copper called George Dixon, he was classic old school. Each episode started the same way with PC Dixon walking in front of a hazy street lamp. He would then start his dialogue, something along the lines of “Evening all, you know crime is a funny thing, take the case of young Johnny Perkins down at number 7…..and off the show would go.

It was classic good family telly, never any bad language, no gratuitous violence, just good old fashioned coppering and strong shared family values enjoyed around the fire in the lounge with the folks. This inbred certainly into people like me a deep-rooted respect for the law, and those who upheld it. Now in today’s world some of what went on would be seen as none PC. For example it was not unknown that when teenagers mis-behaved and they got caught then a smack on the back of the head was seen as a swift, clear, and remembered justice for naughtiness. Usually the Police would then return the errant youths back to the family home where again dad would dispense further corporal punishment.

Tough love but it worked. And to be honest it worked people were much more trusting and the old adage that you could leave your front door unlocked safe in the knowledge that no one would rob you was generally true. However, over the decades I have seen a complete change in the way people live in today’s modern world, much of it is excellent but some is not.

Overall I still believe that the vast majority of people in this nation respect the law and the Police and recent events are testimony to the brave and selfless behavior of those who are on the front line against crime and terrorism. The Police have always had to be innovative when it comes to combating crime, and I was delighted to stumble across a little story recently where the Police did just that to crack down on people using their mobile phones while driving.

Basically what they did was to get on board a double-decker bus and just watch the hapless phone using drivers break the law without any idea they were being watched, filmed and nicked. What I really liked was the simplicity of it all and the fact that no one suspected anything until it was far too late. I am more than sure that good old Dixon of Dock Green would have approved. Evening All…