I received the Greener Journeys newsletter today and I have to say that having reviewed the great work that they do I have to confess to being a huge fan of what they do and who they are. The fact that they are such a small group is in stark contrast to the amount of influence that have on the bus and coach industry, and also more importantly on the political and media landscapes.

I have long since been of the view that we could do more as an industry to get our message across to a bigger audience, it just seems sometimes that for all the fantastic work being done within the sector, it never seems to get through to the public and the media will always prefer a bad news story compared to a good news story. It was interesting this morning listening to Chris Grayling the Transport secretary talk about the decision to allow Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies or TOOK`s as they are known to now work together under one CEO to improve the landscape for joint cooperation to implement swifter improvement across the rail network.

This is I believe a good positive story but the journalist could only talk about the strike action on the Southern rail network that has been grabbing all the headlines to the detriment of other good news items that get buried. So, it is very clear that the great work done by Greener Journeys continues for as long as possible, and that the teams behind them are supported and encouraged by all in the Industry to achieve the best results.