I was fortunate last week to attend a really good conference care of Centro in the good old West Midlands,where I heard some really impressive visionary and challenging presentations about how we might live in the not too distant future.

One in particular resonated with me as it explored what has been termed “The internet of Everything”, now to be quite honest I had not really heard of this concept before but now I am familiar with it the more it seems to make sense. It is basically taking the concept of one piece of cloud based technology that essentially does everything for you.

I suppose that the all-encompassing wristband which are in fairness very popular in today’s world will contain within it a cloud based passport unique to the individual that will manage everything. So you no longer need money anymore, it will be your journey planner that will join up your journeys to others so you will not need a car.

In essence it basically controls your life so you do not need to worry about it anymore. Is this a realistic scenario I hear you ask? Well in truth I do not know as we all do love our personal space and the freedom of choice to change your mind or indeed plans at the lastminute.com but the reality is that like it or not the internet of everything is not science fiction it is live and real.

The question is how much do we want to embrace it…answers on a postcard dear reader.