As a long serving member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport I have long been a reciprient of the monthly Focus magazine, as Private Eye would have said it has turned into a very worthy organ. It has over the last year or so evolved into a really good cutting edge and topical magazine of quality content. It has also overcome a real challenge and this is it.

How do you create a magazine that covers so many sectors and interests that you manage to make it a read that suits all without isolating a few. This is a tough ask and if I am honest in the past this challenge was not always met as it was perceived (maybe unfalrly) as being logistics and freight orientated. Now some might say that the issue was that other sectors like Bus and Coach were missing a trick as they did not offer articles or attempt to engage.

Today however it is radically different with both a newish CEO in Kevin Richardson and an energetic young editor in Anthony Kendrick it has really come on leaps and bounds with intelligent commentary, good interviews with all sorts of people and a really punchy positive style and feel it has become a must read for those who want to stay informed and educated about their sector and Institute.

It is not easy to become all things to all people and in fairness to attempt to do so is usually a recipe for disaster but they have managed that tricky transition with widespread and in my view justified applause for what they have done. The credit for this initially sits with Kevin who recognised the need for a re-fresh and Anthony and the team have risen to that and are now starting to build a new momentum with a magazine that reflects a bouyant and energised Institute that is appealing to new audiences of young people in different sectors and that is right and proper.

So, well done to the editorial team at Focus keep doing what you do and keep focused.