The highly respected European transport Forum has been promoting the newly revised agenda along with I have to say a very impressive growing delegate list of some serious European A listers as I believe Hello magazine calls people. Not that I read Hello or come to think of it any similar publications. Indeed I would rather pop my head in the oven as they say rather than end up reading about the rich and famous.

Any way this will be my third appearance at this event and i have watched it grow significantly with a truly international audience that now extends well beyond European frontiers with this year a noticeable attendance from across the pond. Sometimes people question these conferences but in my opinion they are really very valuable . If you look at the list of speakers it is impressive.

As an example Giles Fearnley MD UK First Bus and Bob Montgomery MD UK Bus two people I would always go and listen too at the drop of a hat, these two men alone are at the very heart of the UK Bus business, and there is a reason why and how they have been given the two most senior jobs in the UK bus industry.

In addition to these two worthy gents the speakers are from a rich and varied combination of backgrounds and countries from Germany, Greece, Australia, Italy, and beyond the list is cosmopolitan and highly experienced. So, if you are involved in any way shape or form with the world of bus and coach then do yourself a favour and sign up. After all now that Mrs May has launched Article 50, we may not be hosting such events for much longer.