Pets, some people love them some people do not. I think if I am being completely honest I am a cannot really be bothered person. Yes in my many years I have had them around in my life when I was growing up we had a cat that disapeared for six months then one day just turned up. My own view was that it was an alien abduction, however in real terms I think it just got a better offer and that was it. The creature seldom craved affection it just wanted food and somewhere to sleep. Not unlike my good self come to think of it.

Now and again it proved its mighty hunting skills by bringing in some half devoured creature that it proudly left in a prominent position in the kitchen usually as I arrived for breakfast, which funnily enough I no longer needed  after having had to deal with the funeral arrangements for said former rodent. Talking of rodents when my daughter was small we brought her a hamster, we went to the pet shop, selected said pet and then brought all the kit required to sustain its welfare. Usually this process required having to take out a second mortgage.

The first hamster we brought lasted less than 24 hours. We brought it home it settled down quite well as the ladies of the house petted it and fed it. After a strange night at home that was rudely interrupted by what I thought was the addition of a wind tunnel to the house, which upon closer inspection was actually the hamster running round like Ussain Bolt in its carousel, honestly you could power the national grid with that hamster. The next morning it was suggested that I might like to hold said beast, so I gingerly held out my hands and it bit my middle finger.

Now I am not normally prone to coulorful language but it took me by surprise and I am afraid that I had a moment as the hamster was duly popped back into its cage where sadly a few hours later it was found to have met its maker. There was a lot of debate as to why the poor soul had perished after biting me, foul play was never considered and we thought that the combined trauma was just a bit to much. However being a pragmatist i took hammy back and replaced him with one who could breath. This one lasted several years and brought my daughter a lot of happiness.

The golden labrador that we brought her Nugget as he was known was a nice dog with a good temperment, however he was as strong as an ox even as a puppy, or as i described him a small horse.Sadly an allergy prevented us from keeping him for too long but we found him an excellent new home where he spent the rest of his years. The one thing that I did notice with dogs is that they do demonstrate loyalty and faith but they need looking after properly with lots of exercise and good food. Again not unlike myself.