Who uses uTrack?


uTrack - What we do?


uTrack has focused on understanding the needs of the 3 key stakeholders that travel on and work within Public Transportation to apply innovative solutions that increase Professionalism, Punctuality and Passengers. It’s all about making travel better for passengers, easier for transport companies and helping local authorities best service the transport needs of their community.


Passengers are critical to the success of any public transport infrastructure but the time and investment needed to open new routes can be significant. uTrack have taken a strategy to focus on the Passenger experience at all key stages of a journey: Planning, Pre-Departure, In Service and Post-Arrival. Read More


Using the latest technology uTrack has built a proven software platform for Transport Companies to grow ridership and run a more efficient business. Every stop on every journey is monitored and given a “uTrack Score” using the uTrack Engine that produces the advanced reporting and predicted arrival times. Read More

Reduced budgets have resulted in Local Authorities employing the benefits of technology to track reliability more efficiently and policing contract services delivery. uTrack has delivered immense savings on several pilots schemes by reducing excessive idling times, out of service driving, timetable and scheduling efficiencies. Read More